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Monetary trends and indicators in chart form
These regularly updated charts offered in conjunction with the St. Louis Federal Reserve monitor statistical categories of interest to gold owners.

Charts may take a moment to load. To see the most updated version of the chart, click right arrow on date bar.
Unemployment Rate
Consumer Price Index
Retail inflation rate
Money Supply
Securities Held Outright
Reserve Bank Credit
Dollar Index
Major Currencies
10-Year Treasury Yield
Constant rate

Accumulated Federal Debt
Federal Debt Held by Foreigners
Mortgage Rates
30-year fixed
Additions to the National Debt
Monetary Base
PCE Index

NEW! The PCE Index is the Federal Reserve's preferred measure of inflation. Its publicly declared target as a trigger for hiking interest rates is 2%.
Federal Debt as Percent of Gross Domestic Product Interest Paid on National Debt

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