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Gold trends and indicators in chart form
These interactive charts offered in conjunction with the St. Louis Federal Reserve and the ICE Benchmark Administration monitor statistical categories, price histories and historic correlations of interest to gold owners. To update the charts, please move the toggle button on the year bar all the way to the right.

Charts may take a moment to load.

Annual Gold Returns
Year over year

Annual Gold Returns
Year over year for the same month

Gold Price
Gold Price

Gold Price
Since 1970
Gold Price (Log scale)
Since 1970

Gold Price
Annual Average

Gold and the Purchasing Power of the Dollar
Since 1970

Gold and the Standard & Poors 500
Gold and the Volatility Index
Real Rate of Return US Dollar
Real Rate of Return Gold
Gold and the National Debt
Gold and the Dollar Index
Gold and the Monetary Base

Coins & bullion since 1973

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